Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Joe D Courted By the NJ Nets

The 12-70 New Jersey Nets courted the Pistons GM Joe Dumars this week trying to fill the role of their vacant team president position. Dumars declined and said he will stay with the Pistons.

That begs the question. Did you really want Joe D to stay? As a Pistons fan you can't really get on Joe D. HE won 2 titles as a player, and brought in a title as a GM along with several ECF appearances in a row with his acquisitions of guys like Billups, Rip, Big Ben, Tayshaun, and Rasheed.

People will bring up all the BAD moves though and we have to see if those outweigh the good. We got a title. That trumps all of it for me. He is well respected by everyone in the league and he is OURS. A true Piston.

So...he drafted Darko instead of Melo, Bosh, and DWade. HUGE mistake that probably cost us a couple more titles. Other GMs probably would have been fired for that alone. Of course we weren't going 12-70 every year either, but competing for NBA titles.

AI, Gordon, etc. AI turned out to be a pretty awful move as well considering what the money was spent on that trading Billups freed up. Ben Gordon mostly, who plays the same position as our top scorer Rip Hamilton. A head scratcher from the beginning, and something I was not looking forward to. I still don't like it.

Joe D needs to get up off the mattress and bring some more hope to the fans that's for sure. Some of these moves add up to a lot of ugliness recently. Hopefully the sale of the team brings new life and more money available to us.

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