Friday, July 30, 2010

Lion's President Tom Lewand Suspended 30 Days and Fined $100K By NFL

So...he actually got something for blowing a 0.20(!) while driving a car. I'm really amazed they did anything to him. They don't typically do anything to front office types that break the law in sports.

In a letter sent to Lewand, Goodell wrote, "You occupy a special position of responsibility and trust and -- as you have publicly acknowledged -- your conduct must be consistent with someone in that position. As we have discussed, those who occupy leadership positions are held to a higher standard of conduct that exceeds what is ordinarily expected of players or member of the general public.

"I commend you for your candor, your willingness to accept responsibility and your publicly stated recognition that this incident affects the reputation of the Lions and the NFL."

Lewand's suspension will begin Aug. 25, and he will not be able to represent the Lions at league meetings. He also will be barred from being present at the Lions' facilities, attending games and representing the Lions publicly other than at specified community service activities focused on alcohol abuse and safe driving.

Any other organization they might care and would have reprimanded him before Goodell had to. He'd probably be doing purchase order financing in many organizations, but Ford didn't really even care.

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