Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Lions Finally Win! Beat Down Rams 44-6!

After that 0-4 start I was ready to fire everyone from Mayhew to the guy that vacuums Ford Field to the lady that probalby teaches parents how to produce more breast milk in the kid zone. I'm still not overly excited, but when you put a beat down on any NFL team 44-6 you have to be at least somewhat excited.

Everything went the Lions way Sunday,a nd they played great on top of it. They even got a long awaited Kick Return for a TD from Seth Logan. Something that in and of itself is a huge deal since it feels like it has been about 5 years since the Lions even took a return past mid-field. Logan even followed it up by making the tackle on the ensuing kickoff. Talk about ST clutch.

The Lions opened it the hell up this week and actually played like they were trying to win for the first time this year on the play calling front. It was very refreshing to see them go for it all day. Calvin has been superb the last couple weeks and has played exactly how we all hoped he would if given the chance. Throw him the ball 20+ times a game. No exceptions dammit.

Most surprisingly to me so far this year though has been the decent play of the corner backs of Houston, and the ballhawk Alphonso Smith (amazing video at end). While i'm not sure either of these guys are a long-term solution at starter, I feel they have both played much better than most give them credit for.

Fans tend to just lump them in with "the back 7" and say they all suck and need to be replaced. C.C. Brown has been a much bigger cause of this than anything, as well as the piss poor tackling of everyone involved giving up huge gains. Spivey looks to be the next SS to replace the horrid Brown, but he has a ways to go. He was drafted to play CB, but Gunther pegged him as a safety immediately, and they are going to try to make that happen.

Shaun Hill has played incredible backing up Stafford. He is turning out to be one of Mayhew's best offseason moves to this point. He makes great decisions, and anticipates well. HE really only gets in trouble because he has a noodle arm. He forgets his arm isn't that strong at times and makes some bad throws into traffic that he should never attempt.

We should all enjoy this one because we aren't going to see this type of win again for a long time I don't think. They may be turning a corner, but we must remember this is just the lowly Rams. Bradford looked all the rookie, and the loser I thought he was yesterday, and that team looks terrible still.

The only thing we can talk about negatively this week is the continued lack of discipline on the penalty front. They had 3 offsides penalties in the first half and are in no threat of falling out of their top 5 penalty yards a game standard for the year.

On aside not: For any Facebook users out there I created a group for us disgruntled Lions fans a couple weeks back and it is open to anyone. People joining is slow, but I am willing to keep at it to grow the group as big as possible. If you wnat to join you are more than welcome. Just go to Lions: Kool Aid and Cornbread to join the group.

And here's the Alphonso Smith as Carlton Banks:

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