Monday, November 01, 2010

Calvin Says: "Welcome Back Matthew Stafford!"

I'm sure you have spent many a Sunday afternoon asking yourself why the hell Calvin isn't getting the damn ball. Maybe Stafford was asking himself the same thing because he and Calvin hooked up for 3 TDs of Stafford's 4 on the day to pull out their second win of the year against the Redskins.

Looks like the 'Skins are the only team Detroit can beat consistently. One of their wins last year came against the hapless Redskins, and only their 2nd this year came against them as well.

So...Stafford is back. Rusty as hell int he first half, and still a bit so in the 2nd, but he pulled it together and made the plays they needed when the game was on the line. Oh yeah and Calvin did too. Put on your commercial pumps and celebrate.

Suh was a monster, and looking like the easy DROY choice in the NFL this year. 2 sacks and a fumble return for a TD. Of course he looked like an idiot returning the D trying to showboat and nearly losing the ball. Starting to wonder if he doesn't have too much dumbass in him.

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