Friday, October 22, 2010

Man, Detroit Sports Are Kind of "Meh" Right now

No hope for the Lions. No hope for the Pistons. I don't care about hockey. The Tigers are done, and the only news out of that clubhouse is that Brandon Inge has been re-signed to re-establish his Tiger For Life title.

If you don't like hockey what do you have? The Tigers are the only other team that even has a chance. We don't even have a superstar on the Pistons to watch every night. It's abysmal. We have T-Mac 5 years after he was good. We have 2 starting SGs that shouldn't be on the same team. We have no real center. Big Ben is about 40. Stuckey isn't a real PG.

The Lions have more penalties than points most likely. They have ONE win in Week 7.

What are we doing? Somebody get good please. I need it. It is my life's blood. I must have one of these teams win something worth a damn at all times. If I have to pretend I like hockey one more basketball season I will alli kick a hole in my TV.

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