Monday, October 25, 2010

Worst Week of NFL Ever?

Week 7, 2010 to me may go down as the most boring, and terrible week of NFL football ever. Not only did the Lions have the week off, but EVERY single game was a borefest. Looking at the schedule I couldn't find a single game I would rather watch than apply acne rosacea treatment on my unmentionables. Oddly enough the most exciting game I ended up watching was Baltimore vs the 0-5 BUFFALO BILLS.

The sad part about this was that I realized just how many awful teams there are out there and that the Lions being 1-5 is so laughable it isn't even laughable. Let's look at all hose teams that hovered around the Lions in the draft this year to see how they ahve fared so far. It is depressing.

St. Louis Rams: 3-4 (we beat them 44-6!)
Tampa Bay Bucs: 4-2
KC Chiefs: 4-2
Cleveland Browns: 2-5
Oakland Raiders: 4-3
Seattle Seahawks: 4-2

The only team we beat so far even has 3 wins and we are 1-5. Much improved folks.

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