Friday, March 04, 2011

Looks Like Kevin Smith is On His Way Out

Lions didn't offer a tender to Kevin Smith this week, which makes him a free agent. Lions did a bit of green cleaning this week and tried to hold the 2 most important ones of Avril and Houston at least. While I have no problem with this, and I don't exactly want to go out of our way to bring him back, it is a shame he couldn't stay healthy. I guess all those carries in college caught up to him immediately.

I have posted before that I thought both KS and Mo Morris had better years than Best did. We are going to give Best the benefit of the doubt since he was supposedly injured all season with "turf toe", and we have seen his explosiveness at times. We still have Mo Morris to run that job that KS would have had as well, and he's probably more seasoned in the things that RBs don't get much credit for as well, and cheaper.

The only real negative I see coming from this is that the Lions decide to jump on a RB early in the draft, but I am optimistic it won't happen. Smith after all was the 1st pick in the 3rd round. He was a smart and safe pick at that point.

What we don't want to see again is the Lions patented trade up from the 2nd to take a RB in the first again. This is just not something I buy into much. Best I don't think cost us too much so I wasn't that upset with it, and he could be really great as a committee back. I just don't want to see it AGAIN.

Good luck, KS. Miami may want you.

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