Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Opening Day Eve!

Sports hve been awful for a few months now for Detroit fans. That is of people that don't watch hockey and are disgusted with the Pistons and can't wait for them to get sold.

When the Pistons suck my first few months of the year for sports are rather lame. I don't care about other teams. I don't go to sneaker stores and pick up Lebron James shoes because I don't care about him. I am a homer through and through.

So when opening day happens I get pretty excited. Baseball may not be as exciting as the NFL, but I love to watch and listen to it on the radio. It's such an amazing experience to me to hear how detailed the play by play is as well as the random classic stories they tell with so much down time between pitches. Nothing says summer like baseball.

Our hometown Tigers are heading off to New York to play the Yankees for the opener this year. Good. get them out of the way before they can trade their entire minor leagues for a legit pitching staff. C.C. Sabathia will go against us, which isn't really a bad thing as we seem to have his number most of the time.


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