Sunday, August 28, 2011

Detroit Lions Destroyed the Pats Saturday

You can call it a preseason game all you want, but one thing was certain: Detroit came to play. New England looked like they didn't realize there was a game going on until the middle of the second quarter. The Lions were not just stopping them at all points and scoring at awill, they were mean about it.

The defense has one goal it appears this year. FEAR. QBs around the league need to fear them. Suh even mentioned in an interview during the game that they wanted to earn some respect last year, but this year their goal was to make the league fear them. The way he plays I think some will. HE is pushing it to the breaking point of getting tagged with a flag every series he goes out there. This was with KVB and Fairley not even playing yet choking down fat burners to keep from getting husky.

The big story of this game though was obviously Matt Stafford. The kid looks like a veteran elite QB in the preseason. This game in particular he looked as comfortable as I've ever seen a QB for the Lions. He finished the game completing 12 of 14 passes (1 was dropped and the 2nd was a great defensive play) for 200 yards and 2 TDs with no INTs. The Lions were moving the ball at will and making big plays routinely.

Can't wait for the season. Stafford is a GOD.

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