Saturday, August 06, 2011

New Era For Lions, or More Curse of Layne?

You can't possibly be a Lions fan if you aren't more excited about this season, and the Lions' potential this year than you have been for at least a decade. While only winning 6 games last year, we won the last 4, but competed throughout the year for what seems at least 10 years.

The drafting on Ndamukong Suh last season changed the entire feel of the team. The guy is a star. Hopefully an investment in buy morgan dollar coins was already made to make sure he stays here long after his first contract is up.

While him coming here has changed the way this team feels on the field very visibly, everything about the franchise seems to be running in a positive direction. Martin Mayhew in the front office is making good moves that while not always glamorous, seem to be exactly what a GM should be doing. Even small moves being made are making the team better. When a random guy gets cut and is brought in, Mayhew has seemed to find someone that is an upgrade over what was there before. It feels good to see someone actually look like they have a plan for once. Of course when the talent level increases the ability to make those final right moves becomes increasingly more difficult.

Everything just felt like it was going to work this year. Until...our first 2 draft picks already found themselves injured. Gloom and Doom starts to set in. The old Lions fear of being cursed somehow. That feeling of "are you ****ing kidding me?".

The big difference this year, however is that depth is much greater than it was last season. Something that I was well aware of going into the year, even though I thought the team could be competitive. The depth not being there ensured that we would have major holes in spots all year when an injury happened. This year, maybe not so much. Just need Stafford to show he isn't a bust and we may be in for a great year.

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