Tuesday, November 22, 2011

New In Town

Author: Theresa Guerrero

A girl that I work with just recently moved her from California. I was talking to her about all the adjustments she is having to make. She said that she has adjusted pretty well so far and that she has most of her stuff moved in as set up. One of the things she did have set up was her tv. She was not sure which company to use. I told her to go to http://www.cannonsatellite.com/ to research what is available. I told her that she can compare prices and packages to find what would be best for her. I know that it is probably hard moving across the country without knowing anyone. I am trying to help her adjust as much as a I can and she seems to be really grateful for my help. Apparently she is not used to people being so friendly and willing to help. I just know that if I were new in town, I would want someone to reach out and help me. Letting her know what her options for tv packages is just a simple way I can help.

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