Sunday, November 06, 2011

Pure Michigan: Detroit Lions Redux

Oops...guess I forgot to post this on here when I was spreading it around the internet a couple weeks ago. Since this is a bye week and I'm bored out of my mind, I guess I will repost it here to make sure I have it when I need it.

Not sure if I like this better than the original, but I have to say it is still amazing. Taking everything from a loss as a negative doesn't always happen. We at least got to see Schwartz go crazy and try to fight Harbaugh right? Listen to the moronic media call him crazy, and then make it sound like he was out there stabbing fans while mooned the fans. Detroit went from media darlings to hated I guess that week. I'm sure it didn't help to see Tulloch Tebowing Time Tebow after a sack a couple weeks later either....It's not like he looked like he was dragged a crossed alloc laminate flooring by game's end, or anything.

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