Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Victor Matinez Torn ACL; May be out for season

As you know I was a huge supporter of going out to get VMart last year, and was so glad they did. After everyone seeing him play last year I doubt anyone was disappointed with using him as our DH, which was ultimately the biggest reason most though tit wasn't a good deal. HE did as much as you could ask for of a DH except for hit 40 HRs obviously. He is a great pro hitter, and made that offense really work. Actually, he did a lot of the things that Guillen did for our lineup when he was in his prime back a 4-5 years ago. Really made the offense go.

It appears we may be without him this year. Reports claim he has a torn ACL and that he may miss the season. A devastating blow for the lineup for sure. Only losing Miggy would hurt us more and that's not even exaggerating.

I haven't heard anything real conclusive yet other than people claiming surgery would likely cost him his season. I ham highly skeptical of claims like this since players return from injuries so much faster these days that insane predictions like that are just way too overstated without complete analysis. We'll have to wait and see, but obviously he's going to miss a lot of time, if not the whole season sitting home watching his video baby monitor.

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