Friday, June 22, 2012

VMart Possibly Back In August

News today suggested that Victor Martinez is recovering much more quickly than was originally estimated. When he was first diagnosed with the knee injury and said to have surgery it was expected he would miss the entire season. Then a couple months back word was he may be back by September, or October. Now today it may be even sooner.

Tigers owner Mike Ilitch told the Detroit Free Press on Thursday that the Tigers have received positive reports on Martinez's knee and suggested that Martinez might be able to return in August.

"When he comes back, that will help the leadership more," Ilitch told Drew Sharp of the Free Press. "He was really our leader (last year) and he’s starting to come around again.

"We’re getting our players back. We got a good report on (Martinez’s knee injury). He’s coming along a little faster. Instead of September, maybe we’ll have him in August. And then we’ll have a lineup that’ll be really good."


This may spell the end for some of our OFers too. VMart will be the DH everyday so Delmon has almost no place on the team. With Berry looking good he should still have a spot. Andy Dirks coming back and i he can play anywhere near where he was has got to have a spot. Boesch i, while not having much of a year is still probably more valuable than Delmon. At this point you have to assume that a trade will be in the works with some of these guys in the next month depending on how soon VMart comes back. Makes you wonder why there are rumors of the Tigers looking at Carlos Quentin the OF from San Diego and former ChiSox player. Getting him would no doubt mean that Boesch, Dirks, or even Delmon are part of any deal there.

I'm still holding out hope we use out pieces to acquire a guy like Zach Greinke. Our lineup is fine. Especially with Delmon. Using any possible trade pieces for a FA OFer that costs $7 Mil for the year is probably not worth it, although Quentin does bring more than any of those guys do.

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