Sunday, July 08, 2012

Pistons Draft Pick Andre Drummond

Like most years, the Pistons win just enough to give themselves very little chance to hit a high lotto pick. This year they placed in at #9 overall, but we may have gotten the guy we wanted anyways. Andre Drummond. A raw and athletic big man with enormous reach. This guy is no offensive juggernaut, but is a great rebounder and good shot blocker. Putting him up front with Greg Monroe should make things a bit more of a forest getting to the rim than it has been without avery labels. Drummond is a wildcard really. He's EXTREMELY athletic for his size. At nearly 7 foot he can actually handle the ball fairly well. Watching videos on Youtube of him I was quite surprised at how agile he was and how he could actually dribble. He's no point guard with handles obviously,b ut he isn't out there dribbling it off his foot either. With very low competition in high school I actually saw a lot I liked in this video: He had a better release and shot than I thought, but what surprised me the most was his ability with the ball on the move. At one point he took a full court break end to end with the ball in his hands. He's obviously a guy that will make his points around the basket with a lot of put backs and dunks, but if he can learn a post game he could be a major pickup for us in the long run. For where we picked I was quite happy with Drummond being there. Team feels a bit more exciting now. Especially since Gordon got traded and we shouldn't have to watch 3-4 guard lineups so damn much.

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