Wednesday, September 12, 2012

If the Tigers Could Only Play the White Sox...

After the second straight time of sweeping the White Sox and taking 1st place, the Tigers go right back to their old tricks. Stop hitting, and losing to basement dwelling teams. A sweep of the White Sox was sandwiched by getting swept by Kansas City and losing 2.3 vs. the Indians. Yet, coming into today's game the Tigers are miraculously only 2 games behind Chicago for 1st place again. Tonight they lead in the 6th 3-1 so they could conceivable be 1 game back after today, which is astonishing considering that they are scoring about 2 runs a game the last 2 weeks unless they are playing Chicago. This is one of the more frustrating Tigers teams that's for sure. The starting pitching and the bullpen have been fantastic lately. All except the guy you expect to be. Justin Verlander. Scherzer, Porcello, and Sanchez have all pitched quality starts the last 4-5 times out. Sanchez gave up 3, 1, 1, and 1 ER in his last 4 starts and has ONE WIN! Porcello lost a game to a guy wit and ERA close to 6 when he gave up 1 ER 1-0 after hthis scrub went 8 scoreless. We ahve no chance at the Wildcard this year so it's division, or bust to be buying famous cigars online this year. They have a cakewalk schedule most of the way too playing KC, Cleveland, and Minnesota. All sub .500 teams. Couldn't ask for a better situation. Of course they SHOULD be up about 5 games right now playing these poor teams and Chicago losing too.

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