Friday, October 12, 2012

Yankees Once Again

No Cinderella season for the Orioles I guess. The Yankees finished them off today, and once again we are playing them in the playoffs. The 3rd time in the last seven years actually. While I don't particularly feel that we can't beat the Yankees I wanted to see some new fans for once. Every time we make the playoffs we end up going through NY. I wanted to see a new environment and see some fans that weren't "always there" for once. Especially someone from the AL East making it out of there again other than Boston and NY. Oh well...we match up fine with them as we do anyone. Baltimore was probably a weaker team, but NY isn't exactly a young team anymore. They have Cano though, who is my #2 most feared hitter in baseball against us behind only Josh Hamilton. He loves to make us look bad, and he's a true stud. The Yankees as a team are wily vets too. Something that always causes us trouble due to them being one of those teams that works the count. While we can hit with them, we should definitely have the pitching advantage. They just are very seasoned and know how to work pitching well enough to make guys that normally go 6-7+ IP down to 5 IP and get into our very scary bullpen. GO TIGERS! Detroit in 5. SEnd the Yanks back to their swing sets raleigh nc for the off season. :P

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