Thursday, November 22, 2012

Wouldn't Be Thanksgiving Without a Lions Loss

Another Turkey Day game and another Lions loss. This one was an overtime loss 34-31 against Houston in which the Lions gave up a touchdown after a guy was down and then running about 60 yards. Because of a ridiculous rule in which all scoring plays are reviewed, throwing a challenge flag makes the play unreviewable. Coach Schwartz, with his lack of composure and knowledge of the rules, threw the challenge flag on a play that shouldn't have counted. The Houston RB was clearly down, elbow and knee, but no whistle. So he gets up and runs another 60 yards for a TD. BUT...since Schwartz threw the challenge flag on an unchallengable play, within the rules the play could no longer be reviewed. Blind referees, and a coach that can't control his rage cost the Lions a TD and pretty much turned the game around after they were sitting pretty with a 10 point lead. Even the geeks in the baby phat lab coat couldn't argue that the rule was asinine. After that it was just a matter of time before OT, and a plethora of mistakes lost them the game. Officially I think you can call this season over. At 4-7 they would have to win 5 straight just to sniff a playoff chance.

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