Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prince Fielder Vying for the 3rd Straight Detroit Tiger MVP

It is great to be a Tigers fan right now. We have arguable the best hitter, and starting pitcher in baseball right now with Miguel Cabrera and Justin Verlander. We have an owner who has no regard for costs and will buy use whatever we want (something we are blessed with that many fans are not. Be proud of it, not ashamed :P). This was all the more apprent when Mr. Illitch went out and signed the big FA Prince Fielder to a huge contract in the previous off season when Victor Martinez was to miss the entire season. Then this off season after making a trade to acquire SP Anibal Sanchez, the Tigers made sure to lock him up for a few more years after he impressed in his time here. Money is not an issue for Illitch as he is living with one foot in the grave and wants a title so bad he can taste it. Being in the World Series twice in the last decade to come away with losses (embarrassing ones as clear favorites both times I might add) has surely made him all the more eager to add to his legacy.

Individual awards are nice too though I suppose. HAving 2 straight MVPs on a team is amazing. HAving 3, with 3 different players in 3 years would be unheard of. Prince Fielder's start has us all talking about him having a monster season already, however and leading the way to MVP right out of the gate.

Through the first 12 games Mr. Fielder is hitting .429/.527/.833. That's a 1.361 OPS if you can't add very well. That includes 4 HR, 5 2B, and a whopping 19 RBIs (He's actually tied with 2 unlikely guys at 19 in Christ Davis and Catcher John Buck in the NL. Buck may not have 19 more RBIs this year. LOL). He looks to be in the best shape of his career this year. MAybe he found a nice list of sugar free jam recipes.

So...he's absolutely on his way. After Mike Trout made the push for it last year, fading down the stretch in a penant race mind you, there are a lot of people lookign to unseat these guys due to their defense. Miggy got better as the season wore on as the Tigers sealed a playoff spot, while Trout faded in the later months and his team missed the cut. Still they havd more victories than the Tigers, but it should matter how you finish imo. Trout may win the Rotissarie style stat geek ways with his WAR and his value in that format, but MVP voting doesn't always go just by the numbers. Thsi year I'm sure we'll have anothe rone of our big guns in the mix for MVP. Will it be Prince this year, though?

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