Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Pistons end up with #8 pick in Draft Lottery

The Cavs seem to keep winning this thing. Eventually they are going to find the next Lebron right? No...they aren't. There isn't one. For the Pistons picking in the top 10 is necessary,b ut they still can't seem to pin down a true superstar in the draft. The Darko debacle still holds true today with guys past over playing deep into the playoffs once again this year still while nobody talks about Darko other than to mention how bad a pick it was. He got a bit of a bump in notice after the Lions draft of course when they went and took Ansah who is basically about as experienced in football as he was. Ugh...Pistons have sucked for too long. It's to the point that you have to go to sites that you need to use Iolo.com pc tune up after to get info.

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