Thursday, October 26, 2006

Game 4 of World Series Rained Out

They tried to get it in, but to no avail yesterday. Thank God it wasn't either because I wouldn't have gotten to sleep last night.

So now what happens is that the rest of the games will be played with no breaks in between. If the Tigers can somehow win a couple and take it back home Game 6 will be played with the loss of a travel day and a grumpy crew of players.

It doesn't look to promising for the game tonight either according to weather reports so the World Series may go even longer than expected into next week. Not good news for the Tigers if they may have to face Carpenter another time at least if they force it to Game 7, but possibly even more if the weather forces more delays.

At least Kenny Rogers can put some pine tar on his hand for an extra start and extra rest.

Oh yeah that reminds me. Pine tar. Kenny Rogers. Dirtgate.

Whatever. Tony LaRussa said it was no big deal. The players said it was no big deal. The MLB said it was no big deal. It's done. It's over. All the players in the league use an edge like this and unless some Cardinal fan announcing team opens their mouths about it no one ever sees it. ESPN will never let it go as usual. They beat everything to death and they are considered by me and many others to be a complete joke.

With 2 Cardinal fans in the booth for every game I want fair representation. Joe Buck (Mr. High Horse) and McCarver (Mr. Mouth) the coverage is completely biased. I want my Tiger announcers for the next 3 games. They are also Fox employees as well.

Here's to Mario Impemba and Rod Allen for Games 4,5, and 6!

Go Tigers!

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