Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Tigers Lose Game 3

Well...Game 3 of the 2006 World Series wasn't the greatest day for me. Chris Carpenter dominated my boys by throwing 8 scoreless innings and basically making our guys look like fools at the plate.

I am not too worried. Manager Jimmy Leyland has a method to his madness I believe. He tends to use our worst pitcher against their best in the playoffs so far. Nate Robertson got the start against Chris Carpenter who is the reigning NL Cy Young. So I suppose Jim went the right direction as Carpenter shut us down and we used our worst pitcher against him so no harm no foul. We had to use him eventually so might as well have him eat a few innings in this one.

Now we get to run our top guys out against their lower end pitchers who we should be able to hit. Bonderman goes in Game 4 against Suppan in St. Louis, and though Suppan has pitched like a champ this post season I like our chances to get the bats going. Bonderman pitched a masterful game his last outing so my confidence in the kid are very high.


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