Sunday, December 17, 2006

Crymelo and Knicks are Likes to Fight guys

Well not really. They look like a bunch of pansies. Crymelo got himself in a nice sucker punch tonight that by all accounts was quite a cheap shot. All in all 10 players got ejected from this New York Knicks/Denver Nuggets:

From Denver:

Crymelo Anthony
J.R. Smith
Andre Miller
Marcus Camby
Eduardo Najera

From New York:

Channing Frye
David Lee
Mardy Collins
Jared Jeffries
Nate Robinson

Pretty funny seeing a bunch of Knicks reserves in the game with less than 2 minutes left and down by 20, but Denver still having most of their starters in.

Multiple players, including Anthony, threw punches, and New York's Nate Robinson and Denver's J.R. Smith -- fouled hard by Mardy Collins on the play that started the brawl -- flew into the first row of the crowd while fighting during the NBA's scariest scene since Indiana players fought with Detroit fans in 2004.

Yahoo! Sports Story

And there it is kids. We now get to hear all about how bad Detroit Pistons fans are again. I'd be suprised if they didn't just start showing that brawl everyday again and totally just forget about this one. After all Crymelo is part of Stern's new group of punks that gets away with everyhting.

I just traded for Crymelo in my fantasy NBA league and I hope he doesn't get suspended for more than a couple of games.

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