Sunday, December 17, 2006

Learn to Research Your Financial Situation

When I was a financial advisor I did the research for my clients to give them some options as to what was available to them. I would disclose all the pertinent information as well as make a few recommendations based on their particular situations. What I found many times was that the things they already had in place just weren't right for them. They had taken advice from a co-worker, a friend, or family member that may not have been close to their financial profile whatsoever.

Now with the internet age and the ability to research for yourself an advisor isn't always necessary if you are willing to do a bit of research yourself. There is an abundance of information readily available to you on the net that you where you can compare to your current accounts as well as finding something new you may wish to add to those. From savings accounts, loans, insurance, to retirement plans. I know there are those out there that want to do it for themselves now so I might as well provide you with a few sources to help you understand and compare.

credit cards

secured loans


savings accounts

home insurance

Take a look through those to start out with some ways to save yourself some money and then keep your research hat on to get what you need for you individually. Your parents aren't the same age as you and aren't in the same situation. It is likely that your co-workers aren't either so listening to their advice on what they did probably isn't going to be what is right for you.


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