Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Fantasy Football Playoffs are here.

Did you make it throught hte season with out losing McNabb? Did you steal Alexander away while he was injured for just this time? A guy in my league had thme both. He's done and didn't even make it in. He was one of the top 2 favorites in our league to start the year. Just goes to show you that Fantasy sports head to head leagues are 100% luck.

Well it looks like my team is in good shape going in, but I did lose this week against one of the other 3 playoff teams. I finished with the best record in the league and the #1 seed. No major injuries and Colston has shown back up in the starting line up. Still can't believe Yahoo! has him as a TE. I have Todd Heap, but when you have Colston elligible there you can't complain. Tried to trade Heap all year.

Now before I list my team I have to tell you that I'm not full of crap here. This is an 8 team league and we kept 1 player. I kept LT and I got Tiki as my first pick because the Alexander owner had him last year. Going into the year I considered this a perfect team. LT is pretty much a one man team this year so I can't take too much credit, but my team is really to the point that upgrading anywhere is unlikely. Now I'm thinking aobut benching Tiki next week in favor of Jones-Drew or Deuce because they at least score once in a while. Rode Tiki all year. Is it time to make a change? I'm just waiting to see if Fragile Fred is out this week. If he is Tiki is going to the bench for Jones-Drew.

Here was my line-up from last week:

QB-P. Rivers (Chargers)
WR-T. Holt (Rams)
WR-L.Fitzgerald (Cards)
RB-L. Thomlinson (Chargers)
TE-T. Heap (Ravens)
W/R-T. Barber (Giants)
K-Keading (Chargers)
BN-R. Moss-WR
BN-L. Coles-WR
BN-E. Manning-QB
BN-M. Bulger-QB
BN-D. McCallister-RB
BN-M. Jones-Drew-RB
BN-M. Colston-TE/WR

Going with Bulger against Oakland this week probably. Colston will be in there over Heap. Tiki is on the bubble depending on news.

So if you look at this team you wonder who the idiots have to be in my league to let me complile this team. Hey i offered a hell of a deal for LJ earlier in the year. Tiki and Holt straight up for him and the manager turned it down because I have LT already. I actually had a better team last year and lost in the first round. It was a tie. The tie breaker was TDs for the week. I had less. I lost. It was a travesty. I await the same fate this year as well.

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