Monday, December 11, 2006

How 'bout them Lions?

Wasn't that a treat yesterday for circus and comedy fans? It was bad enough when Joey Ballgame came back to town and lit us up on Thanksgiving to win whatever random turkey award they gave away that day, but now Artose Pinner? 3 TDs for Pinner? A guy that wasn't even supposed to play and probably has about 5 carries all year?

Ahhh...yes it was classic Lions. One of the better comedic performances of this season I must admit. It seems everyone was playing team ball to secure that #1 pick. Roy was trying a bit too hard to pad his stats though. Not sure if that is acceptable. Kitna surely played a huge role in the loss. We are all very proud of him.

It was great to see Pinner have his day. I always liked him as a Lion. Was sad to see him go really. Of course it still isn't really all that difficult to enjoy him sticking it in Millen's face on Sunday. Probably the happiest day of his career other than the day the Lions released him.

Game ball goes to: Jon Kitna for maximum douchebaggery and the refusal to win. Congratulations Jon!

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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha...we are so bad. Can't wait until we take Brady Quinn and ruin his career! Woot!