Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Visit My Blog Buddy: Toil

When you are new to blogging you try to make some friends to learn some things about it. I have met quite a few people lately, but this one has been most helpful. We are kind of learning together, but she has made some great strides with her blog and I want you to stop in and take a look.

Toil has a great look to it with all kinds of great info for anyone who is starting out with a blog. Tons of neat stuff on the sidebar to look at. She writes extremely well and just seems to "Get it". Leave her a comment somewhere and I'm sure she'll take a look at your blog too.

What is Toil?

Toil is an ongoing discussion of all things: a place to find job discussion, interview tips, resume writing resources,work at home opportunities (WAHM), or reviews of products and services. Toil is also the story of my life in small snipets.

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