Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Parents expect large baby, but get three

So...Either you get a humnungous baby, or you get 3. Tough choice really. A freak or the cost of raising 3 kids. To be honest I think I would just go with 1 freak.

TUTTLE, N.D. - Lynette and Dusty Johnson expected to have another large baby, after their first two weighed more than 9 pounds. Instead of one large baby, they got three.

Triplets Marissa, Silas and Anna were born Nov. 14. A community benefit was held last Sunday to help with medical costs and living expenses.

"It touches our hearts that (our neighbors) put other people's needs ahead of theirs," Dusty Johnson said.

The Johnsons' oldest child, Christopher, now 3, weighed more than 9 pounds at birth. His 1-year-old sister Abigail weighed 10 pounds, their mother said.

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