Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Teen Drug Rehab

As someone who has had an alcohol problem in my life I find that it is hard to reach teens. I couldn't be reached until I was older and it was because I got busted for drunk driving. Alcohol and drugs set your maturity level back a ton. Trust me. You may be learning a bit about life on the streets, but you are also sacrificing your maturity level many times when you get caught up in them. When you finally learn to deal with the issue you are a few years behind where you wanted to be.

Echo Malibu has a unique and positive approach to helping adolescents who need help recovering from drug, alcohol or behavioral problems. The staff is extremely well educated and dedicated to improving the lives of the kids who need someone who will listen to them and help them get back to enjoying life without drugs or alcohol. Reaching a teen is tough and a teen drug rehab solution is out there for yourself or your kids.


Suni said...

Wow. I totally agree. I didn't stop doing what I was doing till I was 21.

Mojo Rising said...

You got out a lot earlier than I did...LOL

Took me until I was about 27. It's a tough change, but I don't miss it at all. Amazing how much you grow when you quit.