Sunday, April 29, 2007

Pistons get the SWEEEEEEEP!

The upstart Orlando Magic didn't put up much of a fight. I guess you can't expect them to when they have Ankle Hill and Dorko on the squad. Just not enough talent.

The Bulls knocked off the defending champs in a sweep as well so we get to see hours upon hours of Michael Jordan and Bad Boys clips I am quite sure. Should be some great nostalgia.

I like the match up for the Pistons better than they would have had against the Heat. I think their experience and defense will force the Bulls into some ugly shots and give us a short series. Pistons should be able to pull this out in 5, but they like to play asleep and haven't in a few games so they are likely to give up a game in the first 2 and end up going 6 or 7. They are the better team though.

While you watch the series you may want to lounge in your new teak outdoor furniture and catch some of the summer night air. It is heating up finally so it will be nice to get outside finally.

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