Friday, May 04, 2007

Dirk Nowitski is a Bum

This guy only threw up what 13 shots yesterday? He's supposed to be MVP of the league and he doesn't even shoot 20 shots in an elimination game? Dude only scored 8 points in the game and just was invisible. Terrible show for the guy.

So the Mavs make history by being the only #1 seed to lose to a #8 seed in NBA history. 67 wins and 15 losses on the year going into the playoffs. Total choke job. Worst upset in NBA history.

Have to give a ton of credit to the Warriors though. The Mavs had no answer for them all year. I think the Warriors won 10 of 11 games they played this season. Baron Davis was unreal. The guy is so good. So smooth. Just made everything look effortless int he series. Stephen Jackson surprised me a bit in this series with how well he played. Thug Life got it done so he has to get some props as well. Jason Richardson is just an athletic freak and tore the Mavs a new one.

Dirk may be in a new uni next season i think. The guy just isn't getting it done int he playoffs. Starting to look like one of those soft Euros we all like to rag on so much. Dirk may need some Cialis to get it rolling in the bedroom after this stripping of his manhood.

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