Monday, October 13, 2008

Detroit Lions Get Robbed by Referees Against Minnesota

For once Lions fans got to see a defense that actually cared about winning a game. They had more sacks than the rest of the season combined (4 through 4 games), and they caused more turnovers in all 4 of those games combined (1).

The week the Curse of Bobby Lane came to pass the Lions showed up for the first time this season, and the Lions got screwed instead of actually screwing themselves. Maybe a new curse has started?

So how did it happen? The Lions got hosed 3 times in the game. The first time was about a 50 yard pass to Calvin Johnson that they did not call pass interference on when it was a clear and easy call to make. Would have put the Lions on the 1 yard line with a chance to increase their lead. They had to punt and Minnesota scored their only TD on the following drive.

The next one was a ruled fumble on a Calvin Johnson catch that was clearly not a fumble. To make matters worse, they even reviewed the play and the zebras STILL ruled it was a fumble against all logic. The Lions were in FG range at the time.

The final straw was the final drive of the game with Minnesota losign 10-9. A long pass down the sidelines was overthrown, no contact whatsoever from Bodden on the coverage and what happens? You guessed it...a pass interference call that put the Vikings within FG range. All this happening when the Vikings should ahve been deep in their own territory with a 3rd and 20 coming.

I guess that you can take it as a moral victory because the Lions won that game every way except the scoreboard. They covered the Vegas lines at least if you happened to be out on one of your Vegas vacations, but that is a small consolation to Lions fans.

0-5 and still leading the way to the #1 pick. I guess that is what we want anyways, but if the defense keeps playing like that we may actually win a couple games.

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