Monday, October 06, 2008

Millen Gone, Lions Still Get Destroyed

If you were expecting the Lions to come out with new passion after the firing of GM Matt Millen, and a whole bye week to prepare for the Chicago Bears you were treated with more of the same. The Lions continued to get pounded again Sunday as they took a 17-0 deficit into the locker room at halftime once again this week en route to an 0-4 season start.

While you are putting your patio furniture covers over your yard furniture and going toward fall, we are preparing for a long winter of terrible football a, and maybe one of the worst in Lions' history.

Besides another pounding to a division rival, the Lions coaches made the decision to pull starting QB John Kitna out of the game early in the 3rd quarter this week as well. So...what do we have to look forward to now? Is Kitna done? Dan Orlovsky certainly didn't fair any better once he was put into the game. It appears that Stanton is on his way to getting a shot in the near future however. Something Lions fans certainly would like to see as the old cliche goes "The back up QB is the most popular guy on the team". In Detroit it might be more aptly put as "The 3rd string QB is the most popular guy on the team".

Some positives. The Lions were able to keep their opponent under 21 points for the first time in the 1st half this year. I guess that is

They were able to raise their Points Against Average a little this week. After 4 games they are giving up an average of 36.75 PPG. Yup...they haven't given up less than 31 points in a game yet this year and took another drubbing this week 34-7. The Lions have given up 147 points this year and have only scored 66. An average of 16.5 per game. Just an amazing team. Literally the worst team in the NFL to this point in the season.

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