Tuesday, November 25, 2008

5 More Losses to Go for Lions 0-16 Season

The Lions lost another game Sunday after taking a 17-0 lead in the 1st half against the Tampa Bay Bucs. They were then outscored 38-3 the rest of the way. They were even trailing at halftime after taking the 17-0 lead. It isn't a matter of thinking the Lions can be in games anymore. The fun is figuring out how they are going to lose.

They have done it all this year. They have taken a beating and gone down 21-0, 0r 21-3 several times. They have been leading at halftime. they have come back from being down 21-3 to take the lead and still lose. Every QB on the team has Jon Kitna disease in the 4th quarter. When there is a slight chance to get a win you can guarantee an untimely interception. Daunte Culpepper is no exception.

The Lions even have swapped Drew Stanton into games since Culpepper has been here only to "embarrass" himself time and time again. They actually pulled Culpepper in the 4th quarter when the Lions were only down a couple scores and forcing a turnover inside the 30 yard line for a real scoring opportunity. Stanton went on to get a concussion to add to his laundry list of injuries since being drafted.

So...Stanton is the future, and Culpepper is the present, or is Stanton the present? Who the hell knows with this team. Neither of them are the answer, and don't even try to hype up Stanton you homers because he is just the latest version of McMike.

We will likely be stuck with the same front office and same coaching staff next year too for some incredible reason. Rod Marinelli is 1-18 in his last 19 games, but has not been fired. What makes anyone think that if he goes 1-23 he will be? We'll get him back, Culpepper back at $5 Mil+ next year in need of Leptovox, and Stanton waiting in the wings to come on in and get injured again. There is no hope.

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