Sunday, November 30, 2008

Going to the Detroit Pistons Game Today

Got some pretty choice seats I guess too. Came with some promotional business gifts to one of my boys apparently. Not exactly sure where they are, but I hear we have some of the higher priced face value tickets in the arena. Hopefully I'm close enough to yell things that can be heard on TV. I'll try not to swear a lot I guess, although these guys can bring it out of you when you watch them play like they are great one night, and clueless the next.

Just had to go at least once this year to see A.I. in person. I have been to a least 20 Pistons games, and have yet to see Allen Iverson play live as long as he was in Philly. I never got to see Grant Hill play either. He was always friggin' hurt when we went. Big surprise, eh? He was even hurt when we went to see the Pistons play Orlando when he was on the Magic.

Hopefully I can find some gear with the OLD Pistons logeo on it. You can't even guess how hard it has been to find new gear with that logo on it. It just isn't around. I want that logo from the Bad Boys days. Not the horse, or the new "improved" one. I want old school.

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