Friday, January 23, 2009

Tigers Agree with Brandon Lyon looks like the Tigers have finally decided to pay a reliever to come here. That man is Brandon Lyon who closed a bit for the Arizona Diamondbacks last year. Lyon was 3-5 for the Diamondbacks in 2008 with 26 saves and a 4.70 ERA. He had a tough second half of the season and ultimately lost his closer's job.

Perfect for the Tigers. The falling a part and all.

Of course this guy has some injury history and it appears we are still waiting on him to pass his physical so this isn't a done deal by any means, but at least they went out and got a RP.

I have to be honest here since I have just got done watching some Christian videos that tell me not to lie. I can't remember seeing this guy ever pitch before. I can look at stats all day, but when it comes to pitchers I at least want to have "seen" them toss a bit before I pretend to know what I am talking about n regard to how good they are. Can't do that here because I simply haven't seen him that I can recall.

All I can say is that I would have never had this guy on my fantasy team because he doesn't strike enough people out for a "closer". It isn't clear what role he is going to assume in Detroit yet. I'm sure that he will be looked at for the closer's role, but I am not optimistic that he is the man to be the closer. OF course our options are rather limited in that regard.

Just more gambling on the part of DD to try and put together some sort of MLB bully. Quite a bit of "If's" going into this season. Going to need a ton of luck, and career years from about a dozen players to really have a shot at doing anything.

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