Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Your New Coach Jim Schwartz Hires an Old Defensive Coordinator has been a while since I have posted anything. Kind of in mourning over the Lions going 0-16 this year I guess. Kind of lost my fire for Detroit sports in general with the way the Pistons are playing and the lack of Tiger signings as well. Everything is just in a sad state.

As for Jim Schwartz and the Lions, I guess I didn't really care a whole lot about it. Knew when the search began that it wouldn't make much of an impact on me one way or another who it was. This is still the Lions. Where coaches go to die in a sense. All that matters is how well the new GM Martin Mayhew (It would take me a month to tell you how much I hate this "promotion") is going to draft and evaluate the talent he brings in. IF this guy doesn't "get it" this is just another coach in the long line of failures to come through here. Whether he is a great coach or not is besides the point. Fans will want to take him back to the return counter and pass him back over the barcode scanner like all the rest if the talent doesn't arrive.

So...he goes out and name Gunther Cunningham as the new Defensive Coordinator to his staff. A guy that just a few days before I was mocking on various message boards as someone who would "be a ridiculous" hire. Joke is on me I guess. He is the new DC.

He comes from Kansas City. The team that might be just as bad as the Lions. A team the Lions might have actually beaten had they played this year.

Let's throw some very limited numbers up about Cunningham in his past few years.

These are KC's Defensive ranks for yardage allowed since 2006 where they went 9-7 before they proceeded to go 4-12 and 2-14 record-wise in 2007 and 2008.

2008: 158 RYPG (Rank 30 above us and Oakland, Total D=31)
2007: 131 RYPG (Rank 28, Total D=13)
2006: 120 RYPG (Rank 18, Toatl D=15)

Worse every year. They lost talent of course over that time, but they got much worse every year regardless. Their defense was the WORST defense in the league of teams that actually won a game. So all other teams besides the Lions. What does that tell you? This guy blows with little talent. What does that mean in Detroit? This guy is gonna blow in Detroit because we have NO talent.

Yeah Yeah...Schwartz is going to run the D. Good luck with all that. The suckiest sucks that ever sucked will continue to do so friends.

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