Saturday, October 03, 2009

Tigers Just Want To Rip Our Hearts Out Don't They?

Going into the 4 game set with the Minnesota Twins I was slightly less that optimistic about the Tigers making it to the end of not just the season, but even the series in first place still. I was sort of happy that they just escaped with a split and were still up 2 games at the conclusion of that series with only 3 games left to go. Meaning that the Tigers had to win 2, Minnesota lose 2, or the Tigers win 1 and Minnesota lose 1 the rest of the way to clinch the division.

That all sounds well and good, but the Twins have the lowly Royals for the final 3 games. You have to just assume that they will sweep them unless Greinke wants to prove he sould wint he Cy Young on Sunday by shutting them down. So basically we have to go by the plan that the Tigers MUST win 2 of these last 3 games to win the division.

Friday they started out as painfully as possible. Edwin Jackson continued to struggle as he has late in the season to the tune of 7 ERs. Not only that but the Tigers put what I consider one of their best line ups on the field Friday (exception of Raburn not playing). thought Leyland would surely just give everyone the day off lie he is prone to do having you question why he doesn't spend more time on exam tables for brain damage.They proceeded to get shut out 8-0. Way to show up and take it Tigers. The Twins won and the lead is down to 1.

Now I am really not happy about what I have seen announced for Saturday. With a 1 game lead and 2 games to go the Tigers have announced that Figaro will be getting the start. Figaro is not in the rotation. He is a minor leaguer. One of the MOST important games of the year and we use a spot starter, while at the same time skipping Rick Porcello in the rotation. The Rick Porcello that for me has been the most consistent Tigers pitcher for the past few weeks. How can we possibly use Figaro in a game like this? WHY!? We HAVE to win this game. We HAVE to.

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