Friday, September 25, 2009

Detroit Lions Have a Shot at a Win Against Washington?

It appears that many think the Lions have a real shot to actually get their first win in 19 attempts this Sunday against a struggling Washington Redskins team. After Washington just eeked out a win over the miserable St. Louis Rams 9-7 last Sunday, people are actually giving the Lions a chance to win against them this week.

Let' snot get carried away with the Lions Kool-aid here folks. We ARE talking about the Detroit Lions. The team that kicks us in the nuts every Sunday, every year, every decade. Surely, there is no reason to be optimistic here. You'd be really setting yourself up for a major letdown if you tried to hold this kin of hope, and thought process this week because a disaster is on its way more likely than not.

I think people are just giving it a whirl because they realize that maybe this is the only possible win they can get before the bye week. The only other winnable game coming is maybe St. Louis Week 8. So...this is the one everyone is going to put their chips on? NEVER BET ON THE LIONS. When will you ever learn. Keep picking them to lsose until they actually win. How hard is this to comprehend?

I'd hate to be the business plan writers that focus on the stadium for this team and have to plan on the stadium for an NFL team that is half empty. NFL games don't go empty. The Lions will be blacked out again this week.

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