Wednesday, November 11, 2009

So...How Bad Can the Lions Get?

At this point we have seen many records broken in regards to the futility of the Detroit Lions franchise. They are literally the biggest losers of all-time in the record department.

Since they started 6-2 during Rod Marinelli's last year where he hounded players to lose weight fast in his Hitler regime two years ago this week, they have won just 2 games. They went 1-7 the second half of that season, 0-16 last year (1-23 to this point), and have gone 1-7 so far this year to send that record to 2-30. They have even lost to the team I thought would be the worst in the NFL this year in the St. Louis Rams. That was the Rams only win this year.

Now as we look at the rest of the schedule , many thought that maybe we could still win that game against the Cleveland Browns, but even my optimism isn't that high anymore. There is a very real possibility that the Lions could end up 2-40 over the last 2.5 seasons. There are NBA teams that have lost less games in that time frame before and they play 82 games a year! I can't think of accurate numbers off hand, but I remember the Bulls went 72-10 one year. Odds are that they didn't lose oaver 40 in that time frame.

It isn't even a situation where it is "to the point that..." anymore. We have watched this for so long that there is no point. No point in watching, not point in paying for tickets, no point in paying for gear, and no point in supporting the team at all. It's basically a running joke, and incredibly sad.

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