Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Looks like a Detroit Tigers Fire Sale

Keep seeing rumors of the Tigers ready to deal off Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson, and probably Gerald lol Laird to save some money. Good thing that Maggs didn't reach that option...oh wait he did (Illitch said he wanted him too, so don't blame DD for this one. HE was untradable the day we signed him.), which is why all these guys are o n the block.

Quite a few teams seem to be interested in Granderson even with the horrible average against left-handed pitchers. HE's a top notch guy, and one of the best CFers in the league so you know why. Yankees, Angels, Mets, and Cubs are among the suitors looking to deal. From most of the rumors it sounds like the Tigers would be getting back a high end shortstop, or 3rd basemen prospect in any deal they make. The Cubs have the probable gem in all of this with the 19 year old SS Carlin Castro, who has been compared to Derek Jeter.

Dombrowski should have dark circles under his eyes by the time the season rolls around. I expect he is going to have to make a few trades, and they definitely need to sign a lot of low end garbage to fill the roster. Unless they go back to what he did his first year here and just run a bunhc of minor leaguers out there to see what we have AGAIN. The Florida Marlins special.

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