Saturday, November 21, 2009

So...Who Is Ready to Fire Rich Rodriguez?

We all knew that after Lloyd Carr left, and at the same time losing a ton of talent to the NFL and graduation that the program was going to take a step back. On top of that we hired Rich Rod, who is a completely different kind of coach than anyone in Ann Arbor is used to. Using a completely different kind of offense that calls for a different kind of player. Almost anyone on the squad that was recruited by Carr at QB was pretty much going to be useless in this system.

See: Ryan Mallett who transferred to Arkansas this past year, and is putting on a massive show for everyone in a real offense. He only has a QB rating of 165.05 going into today with 2885 yards passing and 23 TDs to just for INTs.In fact Tate Forcier had 4 INTs in his game against Ohio State today.

After last season Rich Rod got a bye. Nobody expect much, and weren't disappointed when Michigan had their worst season ever. Now this season they started out 4-0. They should have been 6-0, and probably should have beaten Iowa as well. OF course they did not and have just lost to Ohio State in a game that Forcier threw 4 INTs. That makes them a laughable 1-7 in the Big 10 this year, and finishing with a 5-7 record. They finished the year losing 5 games in a row and 7 of the last 8. This is Detroit Lions territory. Where you would rather pop in a bluray movie than watch these losers.

The offense is a disaster, but not as bad as the defense. Of course they have kept them in most of these games they have lost with big stops at the end only to have Tate Forcier try too much and throw another pick. Then we have the other QB they call SHOELACE that runs about 2 plays when he comes in. Direct snap, run. Direct snap, run somewhere else. If he passes his INT ratio is about on par with Tate.

This is certainly a season to forget, but Rich Rod is unlikely to be fired, so we could be in for another disaster next year. You can say he needs more time, but when you have the kind of talent that Michigan is capable of putting on the field, and you KNOW they have talent even after Hart and Henne left, you have to make a bowl game by your second year. Rich Rod has lost some of these games by his own work. IT isn't all on the players.

Highlight of the season:

Against the Michigan State Spartans the Wolverines were forced to punt from inside their own 20. Instead of actually punting, the punter decided that this was a good time to run a FAKE. They did not get it, and actually lost yards. Apparently, the punter has the option to fake it if he thinks it is there. While you can try and blame the punter here, it is clearly Rich Rod's coaching that caused this bonehead play. Giving the punter the option to do this is bad enough, but not telling him where on the field he is allowed to do this is unforgivable. That is flat out a coaching error.

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Anonymous said...

FIRE RICH RODRIGUEZ!!!!! The man can't even make up his mind over which QB to play. Two different times in today's game he pulled Forcier right after a 20+ yard gain to put in a guy who can't even tie his own shoes (I know sounds like an Ohio player). The QB is suposed to be the rock of the team and the one consistant one. If you pull him out and put in someone who everyone knows is going to run it (76% of the time) the rhythm is thrown off. Can you imagine any major coach doing that IN ANY SPORT? It makes no sense.
Rich Rod probably spends 45+ minutes every morning trying to decide if he is going to wear his brown shoes or black shoes in the morning. When he can't decide he just wears one of each. I know that sounds rediculous, but that is what he is doing with this team. FIRE RODRIGUES and get someone in there who knows how to make a tough decision or two.