Saturday, February 20, 2010

Play Ball! Pitchers and Catchers Report

Other than Football, and basketball, and, no that's it, baseball is something I anticipate quite a bit. I consider baseball to be my favorite sport overall. While I do enjoy watching football, and the NFL in particular a tad more than baseball most of the time, I enjoy everything about baseball overall more.

Baseball just has so many little stories going on in the games, and in the stats. If you aren't a big baseball fan you might argue other sports have just as much strategy like say football, but you don't get it. Nobody says there isn't strategy in these games, but there are just so many little things in baseball that are interesting. The slight movements int he field based on the hitter at the plate, or the situation in the game. With a man on first, or a runner in scoring position with 1 out and it is a 1 run game. The way the pitcher does things on the mounds. Stealing signs. It is endless.

So...when pitchers and catchers report I start getting excited again. Even moreso than finding a quick weight loss solution :D. I can't wait.

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