Friday, April 02, 2010

NAte Robertson Traded?

Never thought I'd see this day. Nate Robertson, another of the ridiculous contracts that the Tigers have invested in over the past 5 years has been traded to the Florida Marlins for left handed relief pitcher Jay Voss. From the sounds of it the Tigers are paying the majority of his contract to send him off.

Jay Voss is not just some bum relief pitcher I suppose. He does have a tad bit of potential after being removed from the starting pitcher track. It appears he has a slider, change, and fastball, and has decent command of them all. HE started as a SP his first couple years in the minors, but didn't fare so well with an unimpressive ERA. Last year he spent the season pitching as a RP in AA, and AAA. He kept his ERA around 2.50 and looked like he might have a bit in the tank as a lefty RP. His K rate was right around 9 per inning, and he had good peripherals.

So...Mr. Gum Time is gone. While we had some good memories here with Nate, we had far more bad ones. The Bulldog, as he was called put together maybe 1 full season, but ultimately was a guy that once he got through the line up once he was toast.

One down, and at least a couple more to go in Inge, Guillen, Dontrelle, and Maggs before the Tigers have some real money to play with. Hopefully they all do something this year and can be lured away rather than spend the season on an elliptical on the DL like Guillen usually does.

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