Sunday, September 19, 2010

Lions Lose Another One In the Final Minutes

We all remember last week when the Lions got robbed of a win by the officials on Calvin Johnson's clear TD reception. This week it was the Lions' own fault they didn't walk away with a win.

In the early going the Lions had good control of the game when they jumped out to a 17-7 lead. Then they decided that they didn't want to try and play defense, OR offense anymore for about 2.5 quarters.

Philly ended up taking the lead into halftime at 21-17 and continued the onslaught as they ended a 28-0 run to go up 35-17 in the 4th quarter.

One major play in the game was in the 3rd quarter where the Lions were down 28-17 and tried to run it up the guy on 3rd down and were stopped. In FG range they could have just kicked the FG to make it a 1 score game, but decided to try their luck and run it up the gut again. They failed and left 3 points on the field.

Philly came back to put up another TD and the Lions went down 18 with about 6 minutes to play. They bounced back with an 85 yard TD drive in just over 2 minutes to get within 11.

After a defensive stand they marched down again and scored, adding a 2 point conversion to put themselves within just 3 with under 2 minutes to play. Making Philly sweat a little and seeking acne treatment. They recovered an onside kick and were in a great position to try and send the game into OT, but failed on 4 straight plays to complete a pass.

Positve of the game was that Jahvid Best had a MONSTER game for the Lions. He picked up 78 yards on the ground to go with 9 catches for 154 yards. He also score 3 TDs to bring his season total up to 5 through 2 games.

The Lions had a lot of chances once again to win this one, but couldn't play a complete game once again. They fell a sleep for almost 2.5 quarters and by the time they woke up it was too late.

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