Monday, September 20, 2010

Michael Vick IS the Best QB Ever

At least you would seem to think so watching the Lions/Eagles game yesterday. It's bad enough being a Lions fan and watching them lose close, and not so close games every week, but it really grinds on you to listen to the announcers every single week talk about an opposing player like he is the second coming of Tim Tebow.

Every week it is the same. A giant slurp fest for someone. I'm not sure if these guys noticed, but when you play the Lions you are probably going to have at worst an above average game. Average players looks like stars week after week. They are no pro bowlers and HOF-type players gracing us with their presence, their herpes simplexes, and I don't want to hear about how great they are every week when I know for a fact they are not.

The context in which these morons discuss the game is mindless drivel. While everyone knows the media is ridiculous, just watch a Lions game once in a while and you will begin to see just how awful the announcers are during these games. Not only do we get the lowest rated announcers on any station that shows our games, they all have some sort of super hero friend on the other team. Oh BTW...these announcers talk to every single player during the week for at least 2 hours usually. Personally mind you because they tell us that they do. I wasn't aware that all the NFL teams gave 53 players 2 hours a week of free time t talk to the announcers of their next game. 106 hours a week. Clearly this is important stuff.

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