Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Annual "Take the Thanksgiving Game Away From Detroit" Post

I didn't hear much of it this year. Not like it was last year anyways. The Lions have a little bit of confidence from the national guys so far this year at least so they laid off a little I think. While they are the most undisciplined team in the NFL, and they couldn't finish a game if their lives depended on it, they are at least considered "watchable" this season apparently.

I think that has ended for me this year. They are to circus-mode for me. All games are just a giant laugh out loud comedy extravaganza for me going forward. That started last Sunday when they lost to Dallas. That punt they tried to down inside the 5 that turned into a Dallas TD wasn't even where it started to sink in that it was circus-time for me either.

The very first drive of the game the switch flipped. When Dallas had the ball around the 1-2 yard line and one of our interior defensive linemen jumped offsides while looking directly at the ball for the 20th time this year I knew it was time to let go. I tried to pretend it wasn't that big a deal, but when they drove the entire length of the field on that drive for a TD with Jon Kitna at the helm I began to do something else and only check back in for a laugh. You can't even give me enough male enhancement products to make me feel like a man rooting for the Lions now.

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