Sunday, November 28, 2010

Can My Fantasy Team Get Any Better?

This is my first brag post about my fantasy football team this year. I have waited long enough. This team is so outstanding it should be given an award.

It all started with the draft. This league is a 2 player keeper league, and everyone in it is so in love with WRs that they drop top 10 players just to keep one. Everyone in the league (8 teams) kept a RB and a WR. I had Drew Brees and decided to drop him so I could keep Gore and Roddy White.

We drafted the second week of pre-season, but I had my sights set on Arian Foster as my #2 RB the entire way. I planned to take him in the 5th or 6th round since I doubted anyone else would because his hype machine hadn't started yet. I ended up taking him in the 5th as I planned and he was my first RB taken after keeping Gore.

The rest of the league hasn't had to click here to lose weight yet since they have been chasing me all the way through.

Besides getting Foster in the draft I got Phillip Rivers the #1 QB so far in the 4th round. I have also been able to acquire Steve Johnson out of the FA pool, as well as just trading for Jacob Tamme the TE that replaced Dallas Clark. Like everyone else I was killed at TE with an injury since I had Jermichael Finley.

Feast your eyes on this (.5 points per reception):

QB-P. Rivers
RB-A. Foster
RB-F. Gore
WR-R. White
WR-S. Johnson
WR-W. Welker
W/RB-Miles Austin
TE-J. Tamme


B. Roethlisberger
J. Addai
Vincent Jackson
D. Branch
B. Jackson
Ronnie Brown

I pretty much can only trade for a better WR. Miles Austin has dumped big time with Kitna at QB so I am pretty much relegated to benching him now when Addai comes back. Hopefully VJax becomes a nice boon this late in the year.

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