Saturday, November 27, 2010

Spoof: Michael Jordan's Response To Lebron James Commercial

I'm not sure if you could call this a spoof really as they are both real commercials, but this is an excellent editing job. After we were all "witness" the the Lebron James circus announcement press conference we all lost a little respect for him. HE looked like a giant douche, and while I don't fault him for moving on to Miami (who are 9-7 only so far this year) and taking up with the next Dream Team, I still think he looked like a tool with his whole act.

Shortly after he signed, Lebron had a Nike commercial in which he talked about how hard everything is and how people are mean to him. At least that is what I got out of it. If you haven't seen it decide for yourself here.

Now someone has taken an old Michael Jordan commercial and spliced it together with that LEbron commercial. Basically this guy gives Lebron a full colon cleanse without even kissing him first.

Here's a quote from a Youtube user I like:

"If Lebron James starred in Space Jam 2, he would leave the Toon Squad for the Monstars in the middle of the movie."

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