Saturday, November 20, 2010

Another Addition To Lions Injury Pool

Running Back Kevin Smith was put on the IR earlier today after having surgery on his broken thumb. Smith seemed to be a bit more productive to me watching the games than Best has been. He actually got plays called for him that made any sort of sense and made the most of his time out there while Best got to run the same left outside run 15 times in a row for 1 yard per carry if he was lucky. Smith also looked pretty good as a pass catcher this year as well.

Smith has had an injury plagued career here in Detroit just like other toys we have that plays on offense and has any relevance. Most will blame the O-Line for this of course. Every RB we've had since Barry has been an injury waiting to happen. Before Kevin Smith it was Kevin Jones that we traded up to get and he spent half his time injured. Best I'm sure is headed down the same path.

The Lions decided that Stafford doesn't need surgery this year somehow and hope to get him back this year to maybe try and win one more game.

Just another lost season where we get nothing. Our QB isn't developing because he's a Joe Glass, we lose starters left and right. I knew coming in we didn't have much depth, but we always lose the guys we need. Stafford was all that matters and his season is a colossal FAILURE.

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